Kinsey and Katie.png

We’re Kinsey and Katie

Sisters-in-law, business partners, and your future venue team!

Chances are, you’re in the midst of planning a pretty big day. You want it to go smoothly. You want people to feel loved and seen in the big and small details. You want this whole day to be something you and your loved ones will remember forever. Take one deep breath-- we’re with you in this.

We promise to walk alongside you from start to finish

Never leaving you to wonder what comes next. We know this process can feel overwhelming at times and it’s our goal to make you feel at home and keep you in the moment. This is going to be one of the biggest days of your life

And we want you to feel all of it-- the joy, the nostalgia, the butterflies, and the anticipation.

We’re ready to host and welcome you and every single person you love in one space. We're family here and so that means when you become a VVE couple you become part of our family. You're with us, not just for your wedding but for all the bright days that are sure to follow.

It’s only right to say, welcome to the family.


We pride ourselves on being a family business. Open Heart Ranch (where our venue is located) has been here for over 70 years. Our husbands are both ranchers so it’s safe to say we know the area better than anyone else.

While the ranch might be old, the vision for Vista View Events is new for us.

The idea was planted in our hearts thirteen years ago when Katie was looking for somewhere to get married and found it tough to find a venue. Years later, we revisited the idea of having a venue where people could feel at home in the mountains for one of the most pivotal days of their lives. We combined Katie’s knowledge of the area, Kinsey’s background in marketing, and both of our specialties in hospitality to build Vista View Events.

We took our family legacy and added something new to it.