A Guide to Bridal Shows in Colorado

Now that you're engaged (congratulations by the way!) you've likely heard questions like, "have you picked a date yet?", "where are you having the ceremony?", "have you picked a photographer?" and on and on. 

First, let us just say GOOD JOB for fielding all those questions with grace by listening and nodding your head politely. We've been there and know it's not easy to dodge all of the excitement from your family and friends.

We're also guessing you don't know the answer to many of those questions because you just got engaged like 5 minutes ago. 

If you're past the holiday slump and are ready to kick your wedding planning into high gear a great place to start are the bridal shows and festivals that are happening in Colorado now through April/May.

Bridal shows and festivals are packed with every kind of wedding vendor you'll need for your big day from caterers and DJs to photographers and wedding planners. 

Below, we've rounded up the best bridal shows and festivals in Colorado plus provided a handy little graphic you can PIN now and refer to later. Before we get to that, here are our 3 Bridal Show Survival Tips for Brides:

The best 2017 bridal shows and bridal festivals in Colorado

1.) Have a Plan of Attack 

Bridal Shows can be overwhelming because they attract hundreds of eager couples, moms and more. Every vendor will be asking you to enter a giveaway or trying to hand you their business card & brochure.

To save time (and your sanity) have a plan of attack or a specific goal before you set foot into the bridal show or festival. A good goal might be "Find 3 DJs I Love" or "Set up Consults with Two Potential Caterers."

2.) Don't Go Alone

You'll cover way more ground if your Maid of Honor, mom or wedding planner are with you. Plus you'll have someone available to extract you from a vendor who just doesn't know when the conversation is over. 

3.) Don't Enter Every Giveaway

We're going to apologize to our fellow wedding vendors here because they're not going to like this advice (we love you!) but we have to be real. Brides, one of the reasons almost every vendor will have some kind of giveaway is so they can get your contact information.

If you don't want your cell phone and email cluttered with vendors clamoring for your business, only enter giveaways from vendors you REALLY like. That way, when they follow up with you, you'll actually be happy to hear from them. 

Now that you have our 3 Bridal Show Survival Tips for Brides it's time for the list.

Here's our Ultimate List of 2018 Bridal Shows in Colorado:

Rocky Mountain Bridal Show - Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO. 

Dates: Sunday, April 22nd 2018



Colorado Bridal Show - Multiple Locations in Northern Colorado

February 25th in Fort Collins
March 11th in Westminster
August 26th in Denver 



Wedding of a Lifetime - Two Rivers Convention Center in Grand Junction, CO

Date: January 28th, 2018



Bridal Festivals, a Wedding Expo

April 8th in Loveland
April 22nd in Colorado Springs



Time for Cake - Wedding Show

Date: March 22nd in Denver



Boulder Wedding Showcase - Multiple locations in Boulder, CO

Date: January 28th