Ideas for Fall Wedding Centerpieces

What happens when you live in one of the most beautiful places in Colorado and gorgeous autumn foliage is literally falling from the sky? You put together an impromptu styled shoot of course! Katie and I are both obsessed with fall and, a few weeks ago, the ranch was completely exploding with color! Everything from Aspen Trees to Oak Brush was seriously just too pretty not to play with. So, Katie literally drove around and packed about 15, 5 gallon buckets with brush, branches, grasses, apples and more! 

Real talk for just a second, these are totally amateur photos (I'm not a professional photographer by any means!) but I think you'll enjoy what we came up with. Now all we need is a bride who wants to get married in fall 2017 and will let us harvest all of her florals and greenery! This was just so much fun for us because all of the foliage you see (even the apples!) are from the ranch! The only exception is the white pumpkins, which I paid a small fortune for...lesson learned. 

I think one of my favorite things about this shoot is the wildness of each centerpiece. We didn't do too much "grooming" or "put things together" exactly right before we snapped the photos. It's a huge testament to how natural elements can do all of the work at your fall wedding without too much assistance from a design perspective. 

Fall colors at Vista View Events, a wedding venue in colorado, were in full force a few weeks ago. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to gather as many flowers, fruits and foliage as we could find and put together this little fall styled shoot.