Flowers for Your Summer Colorado Wedding

If you're planning a summer Colorado wedding one of your first considerations is probably the types of wedding flowers you'd like to have in your bouquet, bridal party bouquets and centerpieces. If you plan to hire a professional floral designer they can typically get any type of flower you want even if that flower isn't necessarily 'in season.' This is possible because floral designers likely have connections with large floral wholesalers in other states (we've ordered from California) who grow flowers year-round. Even if your floral designer can get access to the wedding flowers of your dreams, be aware of the cost associated with 'out of season' flowers. They'll likely be more expensive to include in your wedding because of the special growing season and shipping costs. 

Keeping that in mind, if you're looking for wedding flowers that ARE in season in the summer, we've got you covered in today's blog post. We've rounded up eight popular summer wedding flowers and included a handy little graphic below so you can Pin it to your favorite wedding planning Pinterest board and refer back to it later.  

Popular flowers for summer weddings
If you've been wondering which flowers are in season during your summer wedding look no further! We've rounded up a list a eight flowers that are sure to make the floral design at your summer wedding a huge hit!