Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions or book your private tour here.

When can I book my event at Vista View Events?

We are now booking 2019 weddings and events so contact us anytime to chat!

What is Included?

25, 5' Round Tables
200 White Resin Chairs
200 Fruitwood Chairs
Six, 6-foot banquet tables
Indoor & Outdoor Ceremony options
Bridal Room
Waterfront Patio
Exclusive Venue Use on your Wedding Day
3 Indoor Bathrooms
Choose your own vendors
List of vendor recommendations if you need them
Onsite Venue Manager
Parking + overflow if needed


Do you provide tables and chairs?

You bet! Weddings and events are provided 5' round tables and white resin chairs for up to 200 people. We also have 6, 6' tables that are available to you.


What size of linens do I need? Do you provide these?

Linens for your event have to be rented from a 3rd party vendor. You'll likely want 120" round linens for the 5' round tables and 90" x 132" linens for the banquet tables. (Linens will lightly touch the floor on each table if ordered in the suggested sizes).


Do you require Special Event Insurance?

We sure do! Special Event Insurance that includes Liquor Liability and names Vista View Events, LLC as an 'additional insured' on your policy is required. Proof of event insurance is required two weeks prior to your event. If you need recommendations for where to find Special Events Insurance don't hesitate to contact us.


Do you offer wedding planning services?

Not at this time. A staff member of Vista View Events will be present at every event held on the property and will be available to help with any issues that arise regarding the venue. We highly recommend you hire a professional wedding planner to help you coordinate timelines, schedules, etc as we do not offer this service. Please contact us if you need recommendations.


When can we have our ceremony rehearsal?

All rehearsals at the venue take place the day before your wedding. Please email for available hours and to schedule your ceremony rehearsal.


When should I order linens and provide the final guest count to Vista View Events?

Your final guest count is due to Vista View Events 30 days prior to your event date. You should also order linens at this time. 


Who cleans after my event?

Standard cleaning is provided by Vista View Events, LLC and is included in your facility rental fee. Any damage to the facility is assessed at this time and is taken out of your deposit. 
You are required to take everything with you after the wedding which is a thing to coordinate with your wedding planner. Vista View Events isn't able to hold anything overnight for pickup the following morning because it's very likely we'll have a wedding the next day :) 




How many guests can you accommodate? 

Vista View Events can comfortably accommodate up to 200 guests.


Is your wedding barn an indoor or outdoor venue?

Both! In addition to our barn venue the property has plenty of space for additional tents as well as a beautiful outdoor area that is ideal for your ceremony, dancing and more.


Do you allow outside vendors?

Absolutely! We do have a list of Recommended Vendors for your convenience but you are more than welcome to choose your own. All professional vendors must have liability insurance. Proof of insurance and your vendor list must be submitted to Vista View Events 30 days prior to your event. Non-professional vendors must sign a waiver prior to your wedding or event date.


When can we access the venue for our event?

For weddings: You may access the venue at 12:00pm on the day of your wedding to begin setup. You have three total hours for setup/decorating. After setup, approved vendors & the wedding party only can stay onsite. All others must leave the property until the ceremony. The last guest must be off of the property by 11:00pm. 

ALL OTHER EVENTS: Our event hours are 12:00pm - 10:00pm and you're welcome to schedule your conference, retreat or family event during those hours. 


What kinds of decorations are prohibited?

Flammable liquid (sterno heaters acceptable) 
Confetti of any size
Loose Glitter
Rice, Silly String, Fake Snow
Faux flower petals may be used inside the barn ONLY
Nails of any size in our walls (we recommend Command Strips!)


Can we bring our own food?

We do require the use of a professional caterer and are happy to make recommendations if you need them.


Can we bring our own alcohol?

No. We require the use of a professional bartender and for you to choose from our list of three professional companies that we’ve worked with who are amazing!

Do you have a damage deposit?

We do! Our damage deposit is separate from your venue rental fee and varies depending on your event. The damage deposit is 100% refundable.