The Secret to Finding Gorgeous DIY Wedding Flowers if you Live in a Small Town

Living in a really small town means we have to get creative when it comes to sourcing materials and products for Vista View Events. We recently did our first styled shoot (more on that soon!) and I searched locally for a place to get a large quantity and variety of specific flowers I had in mind. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find what I was looking for and ended up ordering them from out-of-state. This experience got me thinking that  if I’m having this issue as a vendor then brides who live in small towns like I do, who want to DIY their wedding flowers, could be running into the same problem. If that’s you, here are a few places to try when sourcing your wedding flowers.

Short on time today but still want this info on DIY Flowers? You can listen to this blog post on the go!


Farm Girl Flowers - Have you heard of this website? Their bouquets are really more like works of art, they’re that stunning. At the moment they only provide wedding and event flowers for the Bay Area in California but don’t let that discourage you because we’re about to get thrifty. Farm Girl Flowers WILL deliver their custom burlap wrapped bouquets all over the U.S. Check out the size of their Fancy Pants Bouquet. You could easily order two of those puppies and break them up into centerpieces, bridal party bouquets or accent table decor. Wedding flowers for under $500? Um, yes please.

Your Local Grocery Store - This seems so standard but hear me out! I only recommend going to your local grocery store for greenery and arrangement filler. Depending on the time of the year you could score a great deal on these since they’re not made to be the center of attention in your centerpiece/bouquet, etc. Ask the person heading up the floral department what kind of greenery they get in the store in the season your wedding will be taking place. If you tell them what you’re looking for and that it’s for your wedding you may get a little ‘bulk’ discount.

Faux Flowers - You could always go the route of making faux floral arrangements for your wedding flowers. Be careful here though. I think there is some misconception out there that faux flowers are more cost-effective than real flowers and that is simply not true. Particularly when you need a large amount, the cost of faux flowers can rack up quick so keep an eye on your budget! My favorite places to find faux wedding flowers are Afloral, Michael’s, and Hobby Lobby.

Hire a Wedding Planner - You can also hire a wedding planner who offers floral design as part of her planning package. Although this isn't 'technically' DIY, it is a fantastic option if you want gorgeous & personalized wedding flowers. Kat Schmoyer of Dear Sweetheart Events offers floral design to her planning brides and it’s a win-win for both parties. Kat lives in a really small town (just like us!) but is able to source flowers through her business thus giving her the ability to offer an incredible selection of wedding flowers to her brides that they would not have access to otherwise.

I hope this short post inspired you to think outside the box when it comes to your DIY wedding flowers! Small town girls like us have to stick together! Let’s chat in the comments, how did you source your DIY wedding flowers?