Have you set up your wedding website for the big day? I personally LOVE wedding websites as a bride and as a guest. A friend of mine is getting married in June and I was able to RSVP and view her entire gift registry all in one place on her website, it was fantastic. I hate paper (except my coveted Day Designer which I will never give up) so being able to do all of this digitally is perfect for me. There’s more than a few options to choose from when it comes to creating your wedding website so we’ve rounded up some of our favorites here.

These four places will help you create an awesome wedding website that is gorgeous and super functional!


  1. Appy Couple - This is a paid service where you pay a one time fee of $39 or $89 depending on which plan you choose. As far as I can tell, the only difference between these two prices is with the $89 tag, you get access to all future website designs. With both plans you get access to the already 500 designs to choose from and can change your design anytime. Appy Couple has a complimentary mobile app and fun features like a virtual champagne toast, live photo streaming and printable mini cards in the same design as your website that you can use on your tables the day of the event. These are just three of the features of Appy Couple. Check out the rest of their features here.

  2. The Knot - The ol’ standby! Didn’t The Knot invent wedding websites? I could have made that up (I probably did) but The Knot is pretty much synonymous with the wedding industry so they make the list. Their website builder is free, they have over 80 design themes to choose from and they’ll aggregate all of your registries into one list which is amazing and super convenient for your guests.

  3. Squarespace - Squarespace offers a 14-day free trial and then charges $8/month ($96/year) for a wedding website. They don’t just specialize in wedding websites like the other vendors on this list but they’re a good choice if you’re looking for a hyper-modern website with excellent customer service. The last time I checked they had six themes to choose from which you can take a peek at here.

  4. Wedding Woo - This is a paid service like Appy Couple and also offers two pricing plans. You can pay $49 for one year or $69 for two years. You can bring a custom domain and Wedding Woo will support it, pick a website theme from their many designs, collect digital RSVPs among other things. Visit their website where you can preview quite a few website examples.

We truly are in the digital age so I’m sure there are even more services out there. Let me know which ones I missed in the comments and tell me if you’re using a wedding website for your own big day?


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