What Should the Maid of Honor Bring on the Wedding Day?

If you're short on time and just want the list get it here:

At one of our weddings last summer I couldn't find a safety pin anywhere in our venue kitchen and had to use pliers and two heavy-duty straight pins to fix a strap on a girl's dress.

Another bride had an amazing crew of about 15 women who swooped into the venue and decorated that place in less than two hours with florals, personalized rustic chic decor and wine barrels.....but someone forgot the small card holder for the gift table. 

The point is, these things happen friends. One way or another, someone is bound to forget something on the day of your wedding.

The great news is it's totally not the end of the world and, when it comes to your maid of honor, today's blog post and checklist will help mitigate this exact thing.

So let's chat...

Here's the list of 40 Things Your Maid of Honor Should Bring on
Your Wedding Day

What should the maid of honor bring on the wedding day?



  1. Headache reliever

  2. Tums

  3. Sunscreen (especially in the mountains!)

  4. Mini sewing kit

  5. Q-tips

  6. Scissors

  7. Backup makeup kit (don't forget under-eye concealer and mascara!)

  8. Hairspray

  9. Tweezers

  10. Safety pins (small and large) and straight pins

  11. Duct tape

  12. Extra pens (to sign the marriage certificate)

  13. Champagne

  14. Comfortable shoes

  15. Camera

  16. Cell Phone - Save these phone numbers for the wedding day: the venue, wedding planner, Mother of the bride and transportation vendor.

  17. Phone charger

  18. Clear nail polish

  19. Gum/Mints

  20. Toothbrush/toothpaste

  21. Bottle water

  22. Cash

  23. Extra jewelry

  24. Deodorant

  25. Face wipes

  26. Kleenex

  27. Perfume

  28. Bobby pins

  29. Strapless bra or pasties (don’t forget extras!)

  30. Bling Wipes (to clean rings before the ceremony)

  31. Dry shampoo

  32. Eye drops

  33. Bandaids

  34. Stain-removing pen

  35. Lady Products

  36. Bug spray (outdoors)

  37. Driver’s License

  38. Remind the bride to bring: the Marriage Certificate, her Driver's License and Passport (if needed for the honeymoon).

  39. Overnight bag or tub to put all of this in during and after the wedding

  40. Snacks (like protein bars) that are easy to transport and cleanup

  41. Hand written note of encouragement for the bride

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