How to Find Free Wedding Invitation Samples

Did you know you can get free wedding invitation sample packs from stationery vendors? It’s true! Getting sample sets of potential wedding invitations is a service I LOVE because it allows you the opportunity to feel paper variety, see how an invitation looks in person and shows you the printing quality of each vendor.

I recently tested this out from three popular vendors and wanted to show you what I received in my free sample packs and give you a little review of each! 

Running out the door but still want this info on free wedding invite samples? You can listen on the go!


The first sample set is from Shine Wedding Invitations. I liked my experience at Shine because they allow you to choose the invitation design you’d like to have sent to you as your free sample and their website is really easy to navigate.

I chose the Glam Monogram Wedding Invitation which you can see in the picture below. At Shine Wedding Invitations you can choose from: four paper varieties, 48 ink colors and 23 envelope liner patterns. The envelope liner patterns can be customized in any of their 48 ink colors as well.

Something to be aware of is the envelope liners require assembly. The liners and tape are included in your order but you have to insert them yourself.

wedding invitation samples from Shine Wedding Invitations

This next set of invitations is from Minted. Before receiving this sample pack, I'd only ever ordered business cards from Minted. I've always had a great experience with them and ordering this wedding invitation sample pack was no different.

The samples came within 7 days and I got quite a variety of invitation and thank you card samples. The paper and ink quality at Minted is terrific and they include free guest addressing with your order. I will say I'm not super impressed with their gold-foil thank you card sample on the bottom right of the picture below.

The actual thickness of the card is terrific but the printing quality of the black and white photo combined with the gold-foil looks a little cheap in person. 

minted wedding invitation sample set

This last wedding invitation sample set is from Wedding Paper Divas. If I'm being honest, it is probably my least favorite sample set. The paper and ink quality is fantastic, but the styles they sent in the pack seem a little dated in my opinion.

The pink and gold-foil invitation in the top left corner is good quality and I know the colors are THE thing right now. So if pink and gold is your jam, you'd love this invite. My favorite invitation from this set is the one in the top right corner with the names 'Erin & Nathan.'

This is printed on 220 lb Ultra Luxe Cotton Paper which is THICK. This would be awesome paper to print your wedding schedule on and make fans out of. (tutorial on that coming soon!) 

If you have not decided on invitations yet then you should absolutely take advantage of free sample packs from these awesome companies. There's just something about holding the invitation in your hand that makes the decision process so much easier.

Now, if you're DIY'ing (not a word, I know) your invitations then that's a WHOLE other blog post my friend. We'll get to that! 

Let's chat in the comments - tell me about your wedding invite plan!